Discover Hidden Profits in Using Decorative Concrete Molds

Are you looking for extra income to add to your pocketbook? Have you ever thought about Concrete molding?

In today's market we are seeing a trend as homeowners are spending money on their homes and purchasing quality items such as concrete benches, birdbaths, fountains, and sculptures. If they can not afford to travel and are spending more time at home then they figure why fix up the promises and enjoy it.

So where do they go to find these items? Not far or maybe too far. Decorative concrete is not something that can be easily shipped around in bulk cheaply. So for large hardware, homeware, and garden shops that carry some items it is usually cheaply made and of poor quality Yet the consumers still spend $ 100 to $ 500 for these items. Next they look to local at local nurseries and craft shops and since no one local to you is making them they can not find any. Trust me once you start making your concrete garden art word will spread fast.

Why Should I get into the Concrete Mold business?

– High profit margins, take $ 5 worth of concrete mix and can create approximately $ 300 retail value of stock
– You can work from home right out of that garage or shed. Rent is very cheap here and as you grow you can expand to larger spaces
– You can work at your own pace and spend a few nights or weekends filling your orders or building up some stock
– You can start with a minimal invest of a few hundred dollars on molds and equipment
– Materials are cheap and easy to find at your local hardware store:
– Portland cement 80lb bag – $ 20
– 3 bags of sand – $ 15 (better to buy in bulk)
– Bag of stones – $ 5 (better to buy in bulk)
– Water – free
– Use your own yard as a display garden to show your creations
– Immediate market of neighbors friends, and family
– It can be fun and involve the entire family